6 Effective Methods for Repairing a Broken Button on Jeans Update 06/2022

Jeans, which were originally built to resist the rigors of mining and ranch work, can withstand a lot of abuse! Even the toughest jeans can have an accident, such as a misplaced or damaged button, over time. Although these pants have a unique button, you can learn how to mend a button on jeans in just a few simple steps!
A tack button with a metal front piece and a flat back that attaches to the front with a screw is found on most jeans. To replace these buttons, use a hammer or a button tool to securely join the two parts of the button. Stitching around the button or buttonhole may be required in some circumstances to secure the button.
In this post, you’ll learn six different ways to fix a button on a pair of jeans. If you lose the button on your jeans unexpectedly, you’ll find several useful techniques to help you in an emergency. Finally, you’ll discover how to fix a damaged jeans buttonhole!

How to Fix a Button on Jeans

Can You Replace a Button on Jeans?

In rare circumstances, you can replace button jeans by putting a new rivet button or repairing the existing broken button. In most situations, jeans employ a rivet button, which is a type of no-sew button.
This type of fastener lacks the conventional holes or loops through which a thread can pass. You don’t even use thread to keep it attached to the clothing! Instead, it’s split into two half. The upper half has a rounded face, while the bottom half has a pointed end that resembles a tack.
You use force to press the two pieces of the garment together on either side, sealing it in place.
This type of fastener is also known as a no-sew, rivet, tack, or bachelor button.
Although a rivet-style button may sound similar to a metal snap, there are a few important differences between the two types of fasteners. A rivet button is made up of a cylindrical center that fits into a central hole and forces the heads on each side to change form. A snap is meant to simply snap together and apart.
At numerous crucial stress places, such as the corners of pockets, many jeans include little copper rivets. These help to keep the jeans from ripping or wearing out too soon by reinforcing the tough denim.
Levi Strauss and his invention partner Jacob Davis came up with the concept of rivets in pants in the 1800s. They saw that these small metal devices were used to cover horses’ blankets because the material was too thick to stitch.
For local miners, they produced the first denim jeans, which were reinforced with rivets! Although he did not develop the use of rivets to reinforce cloth, Strauss was the first to patent their usage in garments. Of course, this eventually led to the creation of the famed Levi’s jeans line!
Another type of denim fastening became popular during WWII: the doughnut button. With the two parts squeezed together, this type of button still works, but it has a round indentation in the front that makes it look like a doughnut! Because it uses slightly less metal, it feels lighter, which made it beneficial during the war years.

How to Fix a Broken Button on Jeans: 6 Methods

Jean buttons replacement

By understanding how to install a tack button without hurting the denim, you may repair a broken or missing button on your jeans. Using a hammer or a specific pinching tool to help you press the two parts of the tack button together is the simplest way to do this.
Before reinstalling the button, you may need to conduct some hand sewing to fix or strengthen the denim. A couple of “jean button hacks” can also come in handy in an emergency!
Putting a new button in your jeans, on the other hand, is a breeze. Because it takes so little time, professional tailors and seamstresses frequently charge only $7-$12 for this service.

1. Without Sewing

Installing the tack button according to the package directions is the simplest way to fix a button on jeans. If you have a neat, clean hole in the denim where the original button sat, this will work. It does not necessitate the use of a sewing machine!
You can use this procedure to rejoin the two halves of an old button if it came apart or to replace it with a new replacement button if you lost the old one.
To add a no-sew button to your jeans, follow these steps:
  1. Begin with the replacement button’s “tack” half. If the pointy end of the sharp screw end pokes out where you want the button to go on the outside of the waistband, you can push it through the trousers from the inside.
  2. Don’t worry if you can’t get the screw tip through the denim. To expand the hole in the denim, use a slightly larger screw and a screwdriver. After that, re-thread the tack.
  3. You can adjust your pants’ waist tighter or looser by moving the initial location of the button to the left or right while you do this!
  4. Put the upper half of the button on top of the tack’s sharp end. You’ll need to apply some force to seal them together. You may possibly just squish the two halves together if you have very powerful hands. However, tapping the rounded face with a hammer or mallet a number of times will probably be easier!
  5. If you don’t have a hammer, a rolling pin or even canned food would suffice. Just a few of strong taps will suffice.

2. With Sewing

Sewing can be used in two ways to repair a button on jeans. To begin, sew a replacement button into place. Tack buttons are commonly used on jeans because they provide greater strength and durability, but there’s no reason you can’t use a sew-on button in the same size instead! To determine the correct size, measure the buttonhole and subtract 1/8 of an inch.
To sew a normal button onto jeans, follow these steps:
  1. Find quilting or button thread that has a higher tensile strength than regular thread spools. Get a thread that matches the color of the jeans if at all feasible.
  2. Cut a 12″ piece of thread and thread a needle with it. At the opposite end of the thread, tie a knot.
  3. Place the needle where you want it to go through the waistline. Begin on the inside and work your way out, leaving the knot on the inside.
  4. Thread the needle through one of the holes on the button, then hold it down on the waistband with your thumb, pinning it in place.
  5. Return the needle to its original position by passing it through another hole. Continue in this manner, leaving fine thread stitches between the holes on the button.
  6. Push the needle through one last time to the inside of the waistband and tie off the thread after you have five or six stitches keeping the button down.
Another approach to repair a button on jeans using sewing is to hand-stitch around the original location of the button to reinforce it before replacing it with a no-sew button. Because the old denim may have weakened or ripped, this is a smart idea.
Sewing can be used to reinforce denim:
  1. Choose a cotton thread that matches the color of your jeans. Cut a 12-inch piece of yarn and tie a knot at one end. The other end should be threaded through a needle.
  2. To fix the edges of the hole where the old button was, use a whip stitch. To accomplish so, insert the needle into the jeans about 1/8″ from the hole, working from the inside to the outside.
  3. Then, without forming a stitch, slide the needle through the hole and back to the inside of the waistband.
  4. Push the needle through the denim from inside the waistband to outside the waistband, just to the left of your initial stitch. This will attach a thread loop around the hole’s raw edge.
  5. Rep this process until you have a thread casing of stitches all the way around the hole’s edge.

3. With Hammer

A hammer is the quickest technique to place a new tack button into your pants. This is due to the fact that the screw on the pointy half of this type of button must drive into the other half of the button to keep the two halves together.
You can accomplish this with different tools or if you’re really strong, your hands! However, using a hammer is the quickest option.
To do so, follow these steps:
  1. Start by ironing a little denim patch to the inside of the waistband behind the old button place if it appears tattered. Simply cut out a small square of iron-on denim and press it into the inside of the waistband with an iron for 20-30 seconds.
  2. Then, through the patch and the waistband where you want the button to go, push the screw end of the tack.
  3. Align the button’s front side with the screw’s end.
  4. With the hammer, tap the front side of the button a number of times to seal the two sides together.

4. With Button Replacement Tool

The quickest approach to replace a button in your jeans is to use a button replacement tool. This useful gadget resembles a pair of tweezers with little contact cases on each end. The pinches’ circular bowl-like forms keep the two parts of the fastener in place for you, making the operation as simple as pie!
  1. Work the screw side of the tack from the inside of the waistband to the outside of the jeans. If you have a hole from a previous button, this should slide right through! If not, or if you wish to move the button to a different spot on the waistband, you may need to use a hammer to help force the tack through.
  2. Pinch the face in position over the screw’s sharp point with the tool, similar to tweezers. The section you grip over the top edge of the waistband is usually the easiest way to situate the tool. To free up your right hand for the hammer, you might choose to hold this in your left hand.
  3. Whack the tool across the outer half of the button with a hammer or rubber mallet while tightly grasping the tool to keep the two parts of the button squeezed together. Repeat this process two or three times.
  4. When you let go of the tool, you should have a securely connected no-sew button!

5. Jean Button Replacement Hack

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Instead of replacing the button, you can utilize a jean button replacement technique in a pinch. Although the buttons on your jeans are really strong, one may fall off while you’re gone from home. In that case, a quick remedy like a twist tie or a button pin will suffice!
If the button slips out, you can secure your pants with a twist tie or a piece of string, which isn’t ideal.
Thread one end of the twist tie through the buttonhole, then the other through the buttonhole. At the top of the waistline, twist the tie’s ends together. No one will notice if you wear a long shirt that covers the waistband.
You can also purchase a hack, such as a set of button pins, albeit this is not an immediate cure. These pins are made to look like denim buttons and come in two pieces. Instead of permanently smashing them together, they snick like an earring sliding into an earring backing!
Another advantage of the pins is that they allow you to add a button at any location along the waistband of your jeans, allowing you to quickly resize the waist!

6. Rivet Button

A no-sew or tack button is sometimes known as a rivet button for jeans. This is also known as a “bachelor button,” however that term has fallen out of favor in the current world!
Please keep in mind that a rivet button is not the same as a rivet. A rivet holds a piece of fabric together from both sides, but it lacks the button head needed to pass through a buttonhole. It simply reinforces that area of the cloth.
Installing a rivet button in new denim is easy with these instructions. This method might be used to replace a button on a waistline or to add a button to a denim project you’re working on!
  1. Make a hole for the tack to go through first. A nail or an awl, if you have one, can be used to make a small hole.
  2. Then, from within the waistband, insert the tack side of the button into the hole. The pointed end with the ridges around it should protrude from the waistband on the outside.
  3. Insert the sharp end into the indentation in the fancy-faced half of the button.
  4. Place the button on a sturdy surface, face down.
  5. Apply a couple of sharp blows to the rear of the tack side of the button using a hammer or mallet.
  6. To make sure the button is securely connected, lightly tug on the button face.

What Should You Do If Your Button Falls Off Your Jeans?

If your button slips off your pants, the greatest thing you can do is replace it!
If the button on your jeans falls off while you’re at work or out in public, you can use an emergency hack to temporarily replace it with something else, such as a twist tie. You might also buy a button pin to temporarily keep your jeans together.
Make sure to grab the old button if you see it! In most cases, reinstalling it is as simple as connecting the two halves with a button tool or hammer.

Where to Find Replacement Buttons For Jeans

If you lose the old button on your jeans, you’ll need to replace it with a new one that’s the same shape and size. Buttons for jeans can be found in a variety of places, including craft and sewing stores, as well as on Amazon and Etsy.
The majority of jeans buttons are 5/8″ in diameter, but you should measure just to be sure. You can do this by measuring the old button or the buttonhole in your pants.
Wrap a piece of ribbon around the widest section of the old button and split the measurement in half.
To determine the size of the buttonhole, subtract 1/8 of an inch from the hole’s length.

Dritz Jeans Buttons

Dritz 4-38 No-Sew Jean Buttons Antique, 11/16 Inch, 6 Count

Dritz’s popular sewing concept line offers six no-sew closures in this handy box of buttons. The buttons are available in two sizes: 11/16″ and 5/8″ and feature an antique brass finish.
These would look great as a fly button replacement on your favorite pair of jeans or as a decorative element on a brand-new denim project!
To place these basic tack buttons into your jeans, you’ll need a button tool or a hammer.

Singer Jeans Button Kit

SINGER 00841 Jean Buttons Kit, 8 Sets with Tool

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to fix your jeans buttons, this package, which includes replacement buttons and a button tool, is the way to go! This package from the well-known sewing brand Singer includes eight buttons as well as a pinching tool that makes no-sew button installation a pleasure. The buttons are antique brass in color and have a leafy wreath decoration on the face. They don’t need to be sewn together; all they need is enough force to press the tack side and the facing together.

How to Fix a Jeans Buttonhole

The best approach to repair a buttonhole on jeans is to re-sew the edge and secure the hole with a sewing machine equipped with a buttonhole foot. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew the edging by hand with a whip-stitch. Try ironing a small square of fusible interfacing over the too-loose side of the hole and sealing it shut if you need an even easier hack!
If the buttonhole has frayed and become loose at one location, simply sew a few little stitches, looping over the loose threads, to seal the edge and shrink it back down. Just make sure the thread in the buttonhole matches the original color!

How To Remove Jeans Button Without Breaking It

Using two sets of pliers is the best technique to remove a button from a pair of jeans without damaging it.
  1. With the pliers in your left hand, obtain a strong grip on the top part of the button (if you are left-handed, use your right hand for this step).
  2. Next, pinch the inside area of the button with the other pair of pliers with your right hand.
  3. In your right hand, twist the pliers to force the “tack” side of the button to detach from the top half.
  4. Continue until the two parts separate.


The best solution to mend a missing or broken button in your jeans is to replace it, which you can do with ease by using a button tool or a hammer to install a new button. You can also reinforce the area of the waistline where the no-sew button is by ironing on a denim patch. If you know how to sew, whipstitch in the hole where the button will go using a needle and thread to strengthen the denim before installing a new button.
You may buy button pins online for an even easier fix. To secure your jeans in an emergency, use a piece of thread or a twist tie! If you lose a button on your jeans, you can replace it at a sewing store or online in the standard 5/8″ size.
Have you ever misplaced a button on your jeans? How did you get it to work? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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