11 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns for Free Update 05/2022

They make quilting quick, simple, and enjoyable. For pre-cut fabric, the jelly roll has become the industry standard. It has aided new quilters in their learning process while also challenging experienced quilters to alter their blocks.

Since its debut in 2006, hundreds of jelly roll quilt patterns and books have been published.

What makes the jelly roll so versatile?

  • Strip piecing blocks can be made with the 2 12″ strips.
  • A strip can be sub-cut into 2 12″ squares.
  • Jelly Rolls come in a variety of colors and are ready to use.
  • A jelly roll has 2 34 yards of fabric, which has a considerable impact on the amount of fabric needed to make a quilt.

What are Jelly Rolls? And Where Did They Get That Name?

A jelly roll is typically made up of 40 2 12″ strips. The Moda fabric manufacturer gave the name to the brand.

“The term Jelly Roll came about for a lot of reasons,” says Carrie Nelson of Moda. Most quilters enjoy sweets; the roll resembles a jelly-roll pastry; and our marketing director, Lissa Alexander, has an uncanny ability to grasp the larger picture. She came up with the name and designed the topic, or concept, from the beginning.”

We have undoubtedly profited from this pre-cut creation. Quilts made from jelly rolls are still very popular.

They are in high demand, and other fabric firms have begun to produce them for their clients. Many quilt blocks have been altered to accommodate the 2 12″ wide strips, and there are hundreds of patterns available. Here are some popular quilt blocks to utilize as a foundation for your jelly roll quilt designs.

  • Churn Dash
  • Constellation
  • Flock
  • Garden Path
  • Homespun
  • Jewel Box
  • Rail Fence
  • Union Square
  • Walking Star
  • Water Wheel
  • Whirlpool

11 Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Here are eleven jelly roll tutorials to get you started. Do not feel obligated to use two of the same jelly roll if the design calls for more than one. Mixing and matching jelly rolls is totally acceptable, especially if you desire a patchwork aesthetic.

1. Moda Bake Shop – Seasoned Pinwheels Quilt

At first glance, this quilt may inspire uneasiness, but fear not; it simply appears frightening.

Scroll beyond the components (Moda’s term for materials) to see how the blocks are put together. Each strip has a square sewed to it, which is subsequently ripped away. It’s akin to putting together a snowball block. Sew each strip into a unit, and this quilt will come together quickly.

Modo Bake Shop quilt Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

2. Carter Quilter- Jelly Roll Posies for Baby

Five central posey blocks are flanked by checkerboard blocks in this lovely baby quilt. The posy blocks have a dark square in the center. Each block is joined to it with a half seam, so pay attention to the sewing directions for this step.

carter quilter site Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

3. Oliver + S- Modern Workshop

Because this quilt has a bargello theme, pay close attention to color while selecting your strips.

Because of the sheer number of seams, this quilt may be tough for beginners.

Note: If you come across a block with a lot of seams, try pressing them open to one side instead. When you press the seam open, the block tends to finish closer to the size it should be.

modern workshop site Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

4. Jelly Rolls Fabric- Easy Jelly Roll Irish Chain

Irish chain quilts are popular since they only require two separate blocks to complete.

The quilt’s chain appearance comes from how you put them together. There are instructions for making several different sizes in the pattern. For a newbie quilter, this is an excellent quilt pattern to try.

Jelly Rolls Fabric site Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

5. From Bolt to Beauty- Ridiculously Easy Jelly Roll Quilt

Sewing strips to other strips and making a quilt couldn’t be any easier.

This jelly roll quilt tutorial will walk you through the process of piecing and cutting. This quilt may be made by a beginner thanks to the thorough instructions. Pay close attention to her instructions for clipping the ends. If you don’t, your jelly roll quilt will not resemble hers.

From bolt to beauty website Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

6. Bee in My Bonnet Co. – Jelly Roll Jam 2

Lori Holt and The Fat Quarter Shop collaborate on this adorable farm-themed jelly roll quilt. Below the picture of her iPad and jelly roll strips is a link to the design. Kimberly’s instructions are simple and straightforward.

Bee in my bonnet website Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

7. Oh Sew Tempting- Jelly Roll Strip Quilt Tutorial

First and foremost, this incredible quilt requires a fantastic name. The color palette and layout are fantastic. Despite the fact that the pattern appears complicated, her detailed directions make the patterned quilt simple to complete. Making a simple block appear sophisticated is entertaining.

Simply keep in mind the direction of the blocks when putting them together, and your quilt will be just as motivating.

oh so tempting website Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

8. Christa Quilt- The Jolly Jelly Roll Quilt

This jelly roll quilt is quite cheerful. It has a simplistic design with vivid colors. The instructions are divided across several posts, however they are clearly written and simple to follow. What criteria will you use to choose which jelly roll to use? She recommends using any jelly roll with appropriate sashing and binding fabric.

Christa quilts site Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

9. Jordan Fabrics – Strip Set Log Cabin

This is a conventional log cabin block created with a jelly roll. The directions can be found by clicking on the pattern link below the image.

Jordan fabrics site Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

10. Stitchery Dickory Dock- To The Point Quick And Easy Jelly Roll Quilt

Is it possible to make two quilts from a single jelly roll? You surely can if you pair the jelly roll with some yards.

What are the dimensions of the quilts? 51” square. That size is ideal for a baby quilt or a little lap quilt. This design is highly versatile, as she demonstrates six alternative ways to arrange the blocks.

If you have numerous jelly rolls and want to make a variety of quilts for friends and relatives, consider this design.

Stitchery dickory dock quilt Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

11. Wee Folk Art- Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Someone figured out a few years ago that putting all the jelly roll strips together makes for a great sized lap quilt, so they made this jelly roll quilt. Along the way, a group of quilters got together and decided to compete to finish a quilt top. Quilt stores joined on, and quilters all over the country began making jelly roll quilts. It’s simple and enjoyable to do, and you’ll end up with a lovely quilt.

Wee Folk Art quilt jelly roll quilt Patterns

Jelly Roll Quilting Tips

Susan Ache, the creator of the Jelly Roll quilt pattern, has some fantastic advice for sewing a simple jelly roll quilt.

After unrolling the materials, she recommends measuring each strip to ensure it is 2 12″ broad. You may notice that the edges of a jelly roll are pinked if you have never worked with one before. This is done to avoid fraying.

The pinking process, however, still leaves a lot of fluff at the margins. Susan recommends using a sharp rotary blade and a ruler to carefully cut away that edge. Make sure to only remove the pinked edge. This technique will keep fuzzies from accumulating within your sewing machine.

Quilting Quick Tip:

Remove your sewing machine’s throat plate. Clean away the lint that accumulates in the bobbin region between quilt projects with a tiny brush. Even a small amount of fluff might cause the sewing machine to malfunction.

Susan also has a terrific concept for a compact drying rack. Long ago, instead of putting socks, underwear, and hosiery in the dryer, people used them to dry them. Hang your strips over the drying rack. When working on a jelly roll quilt, this step will make it simple to identify coordinating strips quickly.

How do you sew the quilting strips without them puckering?

Before beginning any quilting job, double-check that the needle is sharp.

A dull needle will create puckering, so change it at the start of a new project, according to experts.

You could wonder what needle size is appropriate. For sewing jelly roll strips, an 80/12 will suffice.

Keep the strips straight and use both hands to move them in front and behind the needle. Maintain strong pressure on the fabric while running it through the machine.

What is the best way to press the quilting strips?

On the question of pressing, there is a lot of disagreement. Some people choose to open the seam rather than press it toward the darker strip. If you want to press to one side, stitch a scant 14″ seam rather than a complete quarter inch seam.

This will help to eliminate seam bulk and improve precision.

Do you have any Jelly Rolls left over from a previous project?

These patterns should inspire you to get your sewing machine out and start stitching. There are jelly roll quilt patterns available that you may sew even if you are a beginner.

Have fun and enjoy the process. That is the essence of quilting.

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