With Our Simple Tutorial, You Can Make A Festive Quilted Christmas Stocking Update 05/2022

The classic Christmas ritual of hanging Christmas stockings on the mantel is one that many of us appreciate and carry down through our families.

You can buy stockings at most large box retailers around the holidays, but wouldn’t it be more fun to make your own?

With a straightforward, easy-to-follow guide, I show you how to sew Christmas stockings in this post.

I also include a couple different Christmas stocking designs for you to choose from when creating personalized stockings for your family and friends.

How Do I Make a Christmas Stocking?

You have a couple of alternatives for making your stockings.

  • You can make your own pattern by tracing or drawing your stocking shape. Later in this tutorial, I illustrate how to make a stocking in this manner.
  • A Christmas stocking sewing pattern can be purchased. On Etsy or other online retailers, there are hundreds to choose from, and the possibilities are unlimited.

In either case, you can make one-of-a-kind stockings that precisely symbolize the receiver.

How Much Fabric Do I Need to Make a Christmas Stocking?

Fabric needs vary depending on the pattern you choose, the number of different fabrics you wish to use in the design, and the size of your stocking.

Christmas stockings work well with charm packs, layer cakes, jellyrolls, and fat quarters. If you prefer a “whole cloth” stocking, you may also buy yardage. I recommend selecting half a yard of your favorite Christmas fabric for the front and rear of this style of stocking.

What Are The Dimensions of a Christmas Stocking?

Making your own Christmas stockings is excellent because you can create them any size you desire. In the tutorial image under Step #1, I share the particular dimensions for the stockings I produced for this post.

Christmas Stocking Pattern: How to Make A Festive Stocking

There are no restrictions on the form or size of your stockings. If you wish to experiment with a different form or size, use our free Christmas stocking template as a guide. With these simple steps, you may design a stocking that properly fits a specific item.

Step 1: Choose your shape and size. 

I’m going to make my stocking in a classic shape for this example. Because I want stockings that resemble boots, mine will differ differently from standard stockings. Fabric needs and cutting instructions for two Christmas stockings are included in these instructions.

To make my stocking template, I taped together three pieces of cardstock to have enough area to draw my stocking shape. Then I used my free hand to draw my stocking. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing, you can simply trace an existing stocking onto your paper.

Christmas sock pattern

Once you are happy with the shape, cut out your stocking pattern.

Christmas sock pattern

Step 2: Cut and sew the fabric.

I demonstrate how to construct a horizontal stripe-style design for your stockings in this example. I used some lovely Lemonni Christmas fabric from their Polar Magic collection for this project. It has a beautiful color palette and a contemporary design that I adore.

Christmas sock pattern

I am using four fat quarters. I cut 4- 2 ½”x 21” strips from each FQ and arranged them in two sets like the image below.

Christmas sock pattern

I then sewed them together using a ¼” seam and pressed my seams open, so they lay flat.

Step 3: Cut out the stocking pieces.

Cut out your stocking form after placing your stocking pattern on your fabric. Before cutting out the stockings, I prefer to draw the outline onto the cloth.

Both fronts will be cut from one set of eight strips, and the two backs will be cut from the other set. You’ll need to flip the pattern over to the other side to cut the backs.

NOTE: You will NOT get two match sets if you cut them all out from one side of the pattern. You will face four different directions.

Christmas sock pattern

Cut out the batting and backing in the same way (inside of the stocking). For the interior of the stocking, you can use a fat quarter.

There will be a total of 12 pieces: two fronts, two backs, four battings, and four backings (insides of the stocking.)

Christmas sock pattern

Step 4: Create two stocking-shaped quilt sandwiches.

Quilt your stocking quilt sandwiches as desired after basting. For mine, I utilized a simple diagonal straight stitch motif.

Christmas sock pattern
Christmas sock pattern

Step 5: Sew the front and back together.

Right sides together, sew the fronts and backs of your stockings together. Then sew a 14″ seam allowance around all sides (except the top of the stocking).

Christmas sock pattern

Step 6: Conceal the raw edges.

There are a couple ways to hide the raw edges in this phase. A serger, zigzag stitch, or bias tape can all be used. I’m working with bias tape. This action will increase the stockings’ longevity.

Christmas sock pattern

Step 6: Turn the stocking right sides out.

You can add more bias tape or quilt binding to hide the raw edge of the top of the stockings. I used bias tape that was left over from the inside of the stocking.

Christmas sock pattern

Step 7: Add the loop.

If you want to make a fabric loop, make one and sew it between the front and back layers of your stocking in Step #5.

I chose to add a leather loop because I’ve been dabbling in leatherwork recently.

I just punched holes in both ends of a 5″ leather strip. I then punched two matching holes in my stocking and secured the leather strap with rivets.

There you have it! A gorgeous, handmade Christmas stocking.

5 More Adorable Christmas Stocking Patterns 

1. Patchwork Christmas Stocking Pattern

Patchwork Christmas Stocking Pattern

This pattern, which is both classic and adorable, will look lovely over your fireplace this Christmas season, don’t you think?

2. Quilted Star Stocking Pattern

The simplicity of these stockings appeals to me. The pattern will instruct you on how to make the three different stars shown above.

3. 2 Styles of Christmas Stockings Pattern

2 Styles of Christmas Stockings Pattern

Oh, my goodness, aren’t those “Elf” stockings adorable? These are fantastic for kids! This pattern also includes directions for making traditional stockings. Each type of stocking has two sizes included in the design.

4. Scrappy Mini Stocking Pattern

Scrappy Mini Stocking Pattern

This pattern includes complete directions for making these adorable little stockings. The finishing size is 6″x4″, which is ideal for small snacks for your children or pets.

5. Simple Christmas Stocking Pattern

Simple Christmas Stocking Pattern

With this pattern, you get your money’s worth. This design is only $4.99 and includes four different sizes of stockings as well as various different applique templates.

Adults and children alike enjoy the ritual of opening and celebrating Christmas stockings. Whether you follow our instructions or one of the fantastic patterns I’ve listed, you’ll be sure to create something that will be treasured for years.

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